Sound and Sight

There are days when nothing will due but listening to some old school tunes.  That feeling hit me today when I was STARVING MY BALLS OFF waiting for my lunch break at work.  I don’t know if it was the plethora of Bon Jovi tunes playing overhead or that one Sarah McLaughlin song, but the feeling hit and has yet to be quenched.  How would you feed the hunger for sentimental songs? I still can’t decide if I’m in a Tears for Fears mood or a Lauryn Hill one.

I wonder what songs will spot the landscape of ‘Rado’s musical memory.  For me, it will be the demo song that he loves to start up on the electric keyboard.  It’s some whispy adult contemporary song full of crescendos that has etched itself into my head.  I’ve long ago stopped trying to block it out and have happily succumb to it, swaying along to it with ‘Rado on my lap.  

I can tell you what it will not be: YMCA.  That wedding reception anthem was playing on the radio yesterday morning.  Connor let it simmer for a few seconds, turned to the radio, looked at me, and said, “No?” (his “No” always has an uptick at the end).  We’ll see how he does at his first wedding reception coming in April.  Can’t wait to see his break it down on the dance floor in his little man suit.  Eee!

Remember this photo from last year’s Halloween party?


The outfit will be much different, but the moves and cuteness will still be there.

I read a post somewhere some time ago written by a mom about why she purposefully puts herself in photos of her kids (because we all know that mamas are rarely in pictures of their kids because they’re the ones taking the photos).  I need to do that.  I want to do that.  I have so many pictures of Connor and the dog and some of Z but nary a recent one of me.  I mean, how am I expected to update my Facebook profile without one?!  I could do the whole bathroom mirror thing, but that’s not my style.  Neither is the artsy shadowy body part photo or one of the sun setting on the beach.  For now, this is me (and ‘Rad last fall):



Mama bear and baby bear.  You know what, I’m going to make a photo book with pictures of Connor AND me.  Unheard of!  But I’m going there.  I may be embarrassed by pictures of myself or not like having my photo taken, but once this version of me at this moment has passed, it will be gone forever.  I want to capture every moment of the life that Connor and I are sharing, not just his life.  Pictures to come.


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