Easter. Pictures.

I did it: I took some pictures of Connor AND me. It wasn’t as painful as I anticipated, and I think I’m going to keep it up because I want to be able and look back at how we’ve both grown.




These pictures are from Monday, the day after Connor and I went to see the Easter Bunny. It was a wonderfully non-traumatic experience. Connor did a little dance around the EB before deciding she was legit (I’m pretty sure the Walgreens bunny invented legit) and he was hooked.


He wanted to stay in that plushie’s aura for as long as he could. So, we hunted her down before checking out and he gave her a hug (all while she politely griped to me about how uncomfortable the bunny suit head was). Sure, I didn’t bother taking ‘Rad’s coat off and I forgot he was clutching his pacifying banana muffin, but I think this picture rocks. ‘Rad, some chick who wishes she weren’t holed down in a probably largely unwashed costume, and his first visit with the Easter Bunny. Ah, the magical memories.


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