An Evening With Sugar

I try to give Connor a little bit of everything: sugars, fats, fiber, all of it. But Lolo and Lola (my mom and dad) really take advantage of their grandparent status by showering ‘Rad with french fries, cookies, and chips. I take it all in stride, but after yesterday my stride has shortened a bit. Here’s what happened:

Connor and I accompanied my parents on a dinner trip an hour out of town. On our way there, Lola whipped out her newest sweet find – Chex Mix Peppermint Muddy Buddies. Totally yummy, totally composed of powdered sugar, other sugar, more sugar, and a few pieces of corn Chex. I threw a handful of them in Connor’s snack container and he happily munched on our way down the road. When we got to our first destination, a car dealership, I felt like I was unbuckling a rabid monkey. Once his feet hit the pavement he was off and running. Uphill, downhill, between cars, through the parking lot, he almost gave all of us a heart attack. When I finally got a hold of him, he cocerced me into sitting with him in the passenger seat of EVERY SINGLE CAR at the dealership. It didn’t ever get boring. Oh joy.

After that, we headed to dinner. The food was ah-mah-zing (in the words of Penny Hearts) and for a few minutes we munched rather peacefully. ‘Rado rebuffed the Mac n’ Cheese I got him, but thank Dog for the snack cup of grapes I packed. But then the calm subsided and I pulled 3, 4, 7 cars out of my purse, walked him through the restaurant at least five times, and ended up grappling onto him while trying to shovel in the last bites of my delicious veggie tart. Lola pretty much ate alone for the last 30 minutes of our dinner, with Connor and I sweeping by the table like a small hurricane – me trying to hover down a few more bites with Connor yanking on my arm.

With dinner more or less eaten, ‘Rad and I spent the rest of the evening riding an escalator and walking up and down a two block radius from the restaurant waiting for my dad to finish his meeting. He came out just as the bell was tolling for Connor’s bedtime and within minutes of starting the car my little man was out. Peace at last.

When I unbuckled him this time around, his head popped up from where he had been drooling on his raincoat (I knew I put that coat on him for a reason) but he barely moved. He asked for Lolo, then Lola, and then Daddy, and when I asked him to say goodnight to Lolo and Lola, he waved his hand, said “Bye bye, car,” and was ready to go inside.

Sugar, I give you credit for and place the blame on you for the hilarious, tiring evening we had yesterday. I’ll let you hang out with ‘Rad from time to time, but you can be one bad influence.


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