Connor Jokes

Whether deliberately or not, Z and I have collected a couple of Connor stories that are the hot new tales to tell around everyone’s kitchen table:

A Spider’s Egg

Earlier this week, ‘Rado and I were hanging out in our sun room. Since it’s not a room we make much use of, it’s edged with dead earwigs and spider webs. After pointing out how “gross” (his word, not mine) the bug bodies were, he stopped dead in his tracks at two spider webs facing each other; one web held a live spider, the other, its egg. I explained to Connor what the spider egg was and that it was not like a chicken’s egg, which he loves. After nodding in mock complete comprehension, he squatted down at the web holding the egg. Then, he put his face close to it, pretended to eat the egg by saying ” nomnomnomnom” to it, then stood up and smiled at me. That little turkey.

Connor’s Cob of Corn

We had brats and corn on the cob for dinner on Tuesday. Connor hasn’t had much experience with COTC, so we gave him a third of a cob along with the rest of his dinner. He was munching along nicely, and after a while started reaching for more corn. It looked like he finished his last portion, so I was ready to hand over more when Z turned over the cob we originally gave ‘Rado, revealing that he had only eaten half of it. Apparently, dad ruined Connor’s scheme because after Z called him out Connor did the biggest double-take look at Z – complete with big, wide eyes – as if to say, “Dad, you’re ruining my scheme to get more food on my plate that I won’t eat, that I’ll try to squash with my fingers, or that I’ll ‘accidentally’ drop on the floor.” Z and I had different views of that look, but trying to replicate it for each other has had us rolling with laughter.

I can’t remember the last time I made a clever joke or comeback. I’m glad to see a sense of humor emerging in ‘Rado. If it weren’t there, I don’t know that I’d have the knowledge to install one, and if I tried to give him mine he’d end up laughing by himself with his foot in his mouth an unsavory number of times. We all have a sense of humor – dry, sunny, partly cloudy with a chanceof rain. I often let mine get covered up by life’s uncontollable conditions, but maybe Connor can teach me some new jokes.


2 thoughts on “Connor Jokes

  1. Ha, yeah C-rad has the right idea about spiders although eating them might not be a good idea. That reminds me… last night Tree and I had a visitor from the marsh. A big old female painter turtle climbed up our front yard and dug up a hole in our landscaping and laid some eggs. It was pretty cool to watch. We then proceeded to wiki painted turtles and now have a solid knowledge of a painted turtle’s life cycle. Hopefully in 70 – 80 days we’ll get to watch some tiny turtles dig themselves out and head for the marsh. Although in Wisco they can sometimes stay nested over winter and hatch the following spring…but i’m hoping they high tail it out this September!

    All this COTC talk has got me super hungry.
    Hope you guys are doing great!


    • It would be amazing to see those babies hatch! This weekend my niece taught me that the painted turtle is the official Michigan state reptile (or something) so now I have a special interest in your turtle nest 😉


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