My Summer Vacation 2013

This is my book report on My Summer Vacation 2013:

Last Thursday Z, ‘Rado, and I hopped on a plane and flew into the mountains.  It was Connor’s first airplane ride, and thanks to the help of my Nook and the magic of Disney’s Cars movie, it was a relatively calm ride.  From Denver, we drove deeper into the mountains to Steamboat Springs, our old stomping ground.  We visited with friends we haven’t seen in years, met kids who weren’t even born the last time we were there, and fulfilled our desires for fish burritos, Egg & I, and calamari salad.  We went hiking, the kids went swimming, I got a good dose of daytime junk tv, and we spent the rest of our time hanging on the deck soaking up the sun. It was exactly the kind of vacation we all needed.  



ImageConnor hiking downhill at Fish Creek FallsImageAt the top of Mt. WernerImageWatching the “big water” at Fish Creek FallsImagePicking up rocks at the Yampa RiverImage

Stopping the monster for a picture on his hike down hill

We got home yesterday after a 3-hour car ride, 2-hour plane ride, and another 2-hour car ride.  Connor held up surprisingly well during our day of travel, except in the last hour when I was trying to sleep in the car and all he wanted to do was kick the back of my seat and say “Mama mama mama mama mama mama!”  We were all annoyed at being belted into seats at that point.

As wonderful as being there was, a part of me couldn’t wait to get home.  Why?  Because today was my last day of my old job!  Tomorrow I start my new job that is already awesome for the following reasons: they’re only open Monday-Friday, they’re only open from 9-5 (and 8-5 one day a week), and they’re five minutes away from my house.  Hallelujiah!  No more working at 5:30 in the morning, no more getting out at 9:30 at night, and no more filling up my gas tank multiple times a week.  My weekends are now completely mine and Z’s and ‘Rado’s.  It feels like my life in Michigan has just begun.  I’m optimistic, hopeful, and ready to kick some serious butt now that mine won’t be passing out at 9:00 pm each night.  Every day presents new moments to kick ass.  Or sit on mine.  Each day calls for something different. It’s a great day if I can do both.


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