Beach Day

Today was Connor’s first day at the beach. It couldn’t have been a better, more beautiful day. We drove to Lake Michigan, and while the sand on the beach burned our feet, the breeze over and coolness of the lake water took all our cares away. We went in and out of the lake, Connor filled countless bucketfuls of sand, and Z and his brothers played frisbee and football in the water. I even lounged on the beach for a hot second until Connor came giggling over my shoulder and commanded that “Mama, walk!” We brought bags of snacks and a cooler full of drinks, but it we needed none of it on the beach. We all just ate up the sun, the water, and the pure ease of having a beach day.

More highlights from start to finish:





Whether it’s on the beach or with his cars, play is such serious business for ‘Rad. He has his goofy moods where everything is silly and laughable and complete nonsense. But he concentrates so intensely when parking his cars on the couch or fill a pail with sand. I already admire that quality in him: his ability to play hard. Maybe he’ll be like his Grandpa one day, the so-called king of leisure activities.

I’ve started to open myself up to the fact that Pea (that’s what I’m calling our second baby these days) is really happening, that she (the “she” is pure speculation) will be ‘Rado’s baby sibling and they will love each other and all of us, goddamit. That means I brought my maternity clothes up from the basement. I forgot how comfortable they all are. Why did I ever stop wearing them to begin with? Why wears jeans that button when you can wear fashionable ones with a big, soft, elastic waistband? I think I’ve been taking a completely wrong approach to fashion. Well, mabye that’s because I haven’t been taking an approach to it at all. At least I haven’t worn my mumu outside of the house yet.


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