A True Summer Weekend

What a weekend. After Z and the boys chainsawed down the tree stump that had been marring our landscaping (actually, it contributed to our very little bit of landscaping, but W), we headed to the lakehouse for the maiden voyage of my parents’ perennially handicapped pontoon boat.

It sounded great in theory: a beautiful afternoon cruising the lake with some family, swimming and getting some sun. And we got to do all those things so it was great. But, we weren’t able to achieve any of it until we were able to start the boat. Yeah, that took about half an hour. By the time the boat was purring – or coughing and sputtering like a sick cat – I wasn’t sure I wanted to be out on the lake. That uneasy feeling was compounded by the fact that in the first few minutes of leaving the dock the boat would only run backwards. But we sustained and overcame and while Z was captaining the boat ‘Rad and I sat on the front deck of the boat.


He smiled the entire time and even took a little snooze before we anchored at the sandbar and went swimming.


The ride back to the house was relaxing. We had our fill of sun, wind, water, and relaxation. I wish I could always live the lake life.


Today was even more eventful. Today was Connor’s (and mine and Grandma’s) major league baseball game: Tigers vs. White Sox. We all took turns chasing Connor through the stadium. He had his first baseball field hot dog and yelled “Go Tigers!” When the crowd cheered for the home team Connor clapped and cheered “Yay, sausage!” with his partially eaten hot dog in one hand. Grandma and I got him a certificate commemorating his first baseball game, we had some Hudsonville ice cream, he rode the carousel three times, and we brought him home a new friend and a sweet Tiger’s t-shirt. It was a perfect day.
Now, if Connor sleeps past 7:00 am tomorrow morning I’ll be willing to grant Monday premature perfect-day status.


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