Connor is Two Today

Connor is two today. I can believe it and at the sake time I can’t. I feel like he’s been two for months just like I feel I’ve been four months pregnant for the past few months. This morning he picked out his shoes – Batman flip flops that I love but that he never wears because, as he said when he first donned them, he “can’t walk” in them – and his straw fedora, which I also love but that he rarely wears for more than a minute. The flip flops didn’t last the day, but I’m proud to say that he wore his hat until the sweatband was sopping in the 85-degree heat. Happy birthday to the coolest, truly ‘Rad-est 2-year old I know.




I brought mini-cupcakes to Jean’s in celebration of ‘Rado’s day, being sure to make juuust enough of a big deal about them for him to be excited but not crying for one at 8:00 in the morning. Essentially, he didn’t see those tastycakes until he was about to devour one.

When I got home from work Connor was scooting around the driveway on his truck in his sweet hat. Z headed to class and we headed inside to make dinner. As if proving to me that he’s a big kid, Connor entertained himself for the at least 45 minutes it took me to “whip up” some chicken and spinach quesadillas (damn health food. We could have been eating happy birthday happy meals in 15 minutes). His markers came out along with the construction paper and all of the magnets on the fridge. It wasn’t a clean occupation that he chose, but I was happy and he was happy and dinner was made.

Afterwards, we loaded up in the stroller and went for a little walk, weaving our way to the main road and heading back home at ‘Rado’s request. Also per his request, I ran him a bath. His sweaty, curly-haired little nugget needed one anyway. We read a few stories, he gave his little brother (aka my belly) a kiss and off to bed he went.

Connor, I couldn’t have asked for a better kiddo and a better way to spend your birthday with you (although your dad would have loved to not have class today). Happy birthday, ‘Rad-a-Dude! You rock our world!



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