A Quick Bit About Bad Days

I always feel guilty when I pick the boys up from Jean’s and she mentions that Ike’s been a bit grumpy, as if I have any control over his temperment whie I’m at work or school. Although she’s a seasoned veteran, I somehow feel like I should teach my boys well enough at home to be nice, low-volume, easy maintenance kids from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., after which they just let everything ride. She mentions Ike’s fussiness very matter-of-factly, with no irritation or annoyance, which the punchy side of me appreciates.

After I received intel of Ike’s grumpiness today, I brought both boys home and dealt with it first-hand: He wanted to be held, fed, rocked, and swayed. He needed everything that required both of my hands and all of my attention, and even then he wouldnt let me put him down. With a 3-year old nearby gathering jealousy like an unmoving stone gathering moss and Z in class, Ike’s neediness was, at the least, difficult. I was getting a smeedge annoyed with him. But with him now in bed, I give my annoyance the space it deserves but also see its selfishness.

Ike on a good day

There are plenty of days when I feel grumpy, when I just want to be cozied up, eating bon bons (do they even make those things anymore?) and pulled pork sammiches while the tv entertains my overtaxed/overtired brain. Ike has similar days (or he will once he learns what puuled prok sammies are all about, my little beefcake), but the fact that his fussy days usually coincide with or cause mine is exteremly inconvenient. We try our best to soothe our savage beasts, but as I’ve learned with many child-related issues, surrender is key. Rock, cradle, sing, and comfort that baby, but if he doesn’t let you put him down, surrender. Hold, swing, and love him some more. And on days you just can’t, when your arms are tired, your older kid just.won’t.stop., when you’re just DONE, surrender.The kids will be fine. I’ll tell Connor I’m putting myself in a time out just for a minute of peace and to see the confused look on his face. Still working on helping Ike understand what that means. So, babies of the world, let’s make a pact: You promise to only have grumpy days when Mom isn’t having one of her own. Also, you may only have them when Mom isn’t sick. ‘Kay? Thanks.


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